We apply deep subject matter expertise in health IT, life sciences, public safety, and grants management to deliver solutions that drive innovation and accelerate critical decision making. AceInfo employs best-in-class subject matter experts with domain expertise to meet and understand the complex nature of our customers’ challenges. The solutions we implement are fully informed by and tailored to the business, scientific, and technology requirements of our customers – from managing and securing large amounts of data for health and public safety, to implementing systems that forecast weather and natural disasters, to supporting full federal grant lifecycles.

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Public Safety

Agencies charged with public safety want to concentrate on the mission while knowing they have advanced technologies to support them. With this desire in mind, AceInfo provides full life cycle support – integrating, developing, implementing, operating, and sustaining critical systems used for public safety missions such as search and rescue operations, severe weather forecasting, location tracking and communicating, wildfire simulation programs, environmental protection, and more.

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Health IT

Today’s health organizations are serving diverse user populations, managing and securing vast amounts of complex data, and adhering to strict regulations, all while trying to innovate for more efficiency, sharing, and improved knowledge. We help organizations modernize their approaches and processes to better meet their critical mission needs.

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Life Sciences

Using a unique combination of domain expertise and technology experience, we design solutions that enable customers to better use and disseminate research and data. The Dovel Family of Companies is involved in all aspects of life sciences including bench work in laboratories, the analysis of data created by research, and the distribution of this data to scientists, clinicians, and patients. Solutions are not driven by a technology product or software. We provide vendor agnostic, strategic approaches to improve quality, reduce risk, and provide a tangible return on investment.

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Grants Management

We know grantors and grant recipients need to focus on creating great program outcomes, not doing paperwork. Our team of talented grants experts has experience working with recipients, grantors, and Federal executives to help them better execute their grant missions. Together, Dovel and AceInfo support product development across the full grants lifecycle.

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