AWS Support Statement


Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in the cloud with more than 1 million users, provides businesses and developers around the world with highly reliable and secure technology infrastructure so they can instantly acquire compute, storage, network and other on-demand services in the cloud.

The AceInfo Cloud infrastructure puts the platform and content closer to customers. Available in multiple regions around the world, AceInfo Cloud provides unsurpassed performance, redundancy and uptime through AWS Cloud. Customers that choose our state-of-the art, secure cloud infrastructure to host their application and database deployments, take advantage of the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry’s premier solution for highly available, scalable, and secure environments, all monitored 24/7/365.

AceInfo is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner. We work with FedRamp Certified Cloud Providers and have extensive experience with Government Security Compliance and ATO in the Cloud. We have AWS certified solution architects on board to compose architecture tools and processes for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. In essence, cloud computing provides secure data storage, configuration, processing, and management on the Internet. Load balancing, high availability, fault tolerance, auto-scalability, portability and interoperability along with enhanced security and privacy is critical for Cloud Computing. At AceInfo, cloud services have been implemented through hosting the corporate website and other mission critical applications in AWS cloud. We adhere to the Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) which facilitate the identification and analysis of previous, current, and future cloud adoption and transformation stages. We are currently working with mulitple federal customers in strategizing and developing a roadmap to migrate their applications portfolio to public and hybrid cloud platforms including AWS.

AWS Commercial and AWS GovCloud

AceInfo delivers the solutions which support both AWS GovCloud and AWS Cloud. For the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), AceInfo designed and built highly scalable grants management system in AWS GovCloud, reducing TCO of existing systems by 40% and migrating legacy COMET application to AWS in less than 60 days with zero service interruption. For NOAA National Weather Service, AceInfo created Development and Test environments for application development in AWS cloud, leveraging DevOps and Docker Containerization to rapidly provision development environments.

AWS Regions

By leveraging AWS, AceInfo provides a secure cloud infrastructure across major regions and availability zones – ensuring that someone always has your back. We can deploy your instances into AWS GovCloud or any one of the available AWS Regions, which continue to grow in number and scope.

High Availability

With multiple availability zones in a single region, as well as server redundancy for each layer of the technology stack, customers can attain extremely high levels of availability. For example, a high capacity event that could potentially degrade site access can trigger extra web servers operating round-robin, including reserve capacity in the second availability zone; a fully redundant le system in the second availability zone that is constantly syncing; master-master replication for database pairs; and a secondary load balancer in a redundant environment.

Additionally, customers with the highest availability requirements can take advantage of hot standby sites in alternate regions to provide live failover capabilities for disaster recovery.

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